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Emmanuella has been successfully running an online business for 9years. She currently owns four online businesses in these areas: skincare, fashion, Diary farm and a cleaning service.

When she’s not behind her laptop working, she’s either swimming or enjoying a good book. She’s passionate about Ecommerce and believes that the future is online. She also teaches people how to sell commodities in various supermarkets in Nigeria and the fine art of bringing their business online.

She holds a Master’s degree in Cosmetology and a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Chemistry. A graduate degree in Online management and monetization.

You can connect with emmanuella on Instagram by clicking this link instagram.com/adamaranmma


Beatrice is an Experienced Accountant who has worked for several businesses for over 9 years. Her skills and experience cut across businesses in manufacturing, consulting, NGOs, FMCGs, and construction industries.

She has strong interest in data analysis, finance, business management and drawing.

She has also worked with several small businesses including but not limited to fashion, food & confectionery, tech startups and HR firms.

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